Episode 20 – “‘Til Death Do Us Art”

Show Notes: I did another interview with my live-in tech support person- my wife, Nicki Workman. We talked about what it’s like to live with an artist like me- the pros and cons, and being a spouse of a pro at cons. During our conversation she shared some of her experiences of dealing with me and other artists/creators, her thoughts on making a marriage work (so far so good for us!), convention memories, her photography endeavors, going back to school, as well as dropping some useful business knowledge for artists and those who live and/or work with one. Nicki’s other Drawing Funny episodes are Episode 17 – “I.T. Phone Home, Episode 9 – “Nicki’s Mouse Report and a Flashback Friday interview at the 2018 DonnieCon on Episode 4 – “Drawn Of The Dead. I always enjoy talking toons with my wife, and I hope you enjoy this episode. Waiting to hear back from some upcoming guests and am hoping to get back on a more regular schedule soon. Until then, stay tooned!

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