Episode 17 – “I.T. Phone Home” With Nicki Workman

Show Notes: Greetings, listeners! While doing a test flight on Zoom to try and work out some issues I’ve been having, I hit the record button and did an interview with my live-in tech support person- my wife, Nicki Workman. We talk toons, tech, podcasts, her experiences with backing crowdfunding as a fan, her comics origin stories, her going back to school while working from home- and how we met thanks to Darth Vader and Star Wars. I also mention some Mid-South Cartoonists Association news and give you the details for our first “Drawing Funny” contest (listen to win MSCA Zines, Samurai tee by me, and some MSCA and Drawing Funny swag). Nicki’s other Drawing Funny episodes are Episode 9 – “Nicki’s Mouse Report and a Flashback Friday interview at the 2018 DonnieCon on Episode 4 – “Drawn Of The Dead. Don’t forget to also check out the recent Sal “Uncle Sal” Abbinanti, Dave Dwonch, and Steve Bryant episodes (Ep.14, 15, & 16). Congrats on their Kickstater campaigns. I’ve listed links to them in the show notes for each of those episodes. I hope you’re staying safe, staying warm, and staying tooned!

Nicki’s Blogwww.fangirlwednesday.com

Nicki on Twitterwww.twitter.com/NWorkmanPhoto

Nicki on Instagramwww.instagram.com/nworkmanphoto

Mid-South Cartoonists Associationwww.midsouthcartoonists.org

Potter Cast Podcastwww.pottercast.com

The Comic Book Page Podcastwww.comicbookpage.com

Supergirl Radio Podcastwww.supergirlradio.com

The Cellar Table Top Games & Comics – comiccellaronline.com

Stash My Comicswww.stashmycomics.com

Reading With Pictureswww.readingwithpictures.org




Theme: Silly Bank Heist” by Steve Oxen. Additional news music by David Fesliyan.

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Run time: 1hr 7min 5sec

“Who was that masked woman..?”

Hopefully my reading recommendation of “The Killing Joke” to Nicki was forgiven after I made her this Oracle mask

Nicki searching for trades and back issues.

A Slytherin and a Hairyfluff.

The MSCA Zines– you could win a set of these and other fun swag. Details in this episode…listen to learn how to win!

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