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Welcome to Drawing Funny– where we talk toons with some sketchy characters in the comics industry and fandom. I’m your host, Lin Workman. I was briefly a co-host on the Rogues Radio Podcast (13 episodes) and have been a guest on several other podcasts over the years.

I’ve been a professional artist and screen-printer for over 35 years. I have created comics as a self-publisher, webcomic cartoonist, graphic artist, sculptor, painter, “ghost” and more. I have been a member, president, vice-president, and webmaster of the Mid-South Cartoonists Association for over 30 years, and a lifelong comics fan.

Drawing Funny is an MSCA podcast which is now in it’s 3rd season. The Mid-South Cartoonists Association has been drawing funny in the Memphis area since 1987, and is a non-profit organization comprised of professional cartoonists, aspiring cartoonists, and cartooning enthusiasts. You can find out more about the MSCA at midsouthcartoonists.org, and on the MSCA Facebook page.

Be sure to like that page and follow our group on Twitter @MSCA_Memphis, and on Instagram @midsouthcartoonists. You can keep up with this show at any of those, or on the show’s site here at drawingfunny.com, as well as on Twitter @drawingfunny1, or Instagram @drawingfunnypod.

Shameless plug for me- I have my linworkman.com art site as well as my geek travel blog and web comic havegeekwilltravel.com. My social media info and bio are on each of those sites along with several examples of my art work. I don’t do commission work, but do sell my sketchcards and sketchcovers at The Cellar Tabletop Games & Comics in Bartlett, TN.

The podcast is free to listen to and there are no sponsors or ads- just interviews with comic creators, shout-outs to other podcasts, MSCA and industry news, info on fun local events, recommendations on cool items…and an occasional shameless plug by me.

I have a Tee Public shop where you can get some of my Scared Silly and Drawing Funny podcast merch:

So, just what is the MSCA, and how can you join..? Find out in this bonus mini-episode (click the player below to listen to it). It should answer all your questions about our the history or our sketchy group and how to be a part of it, but if not there’s plenty of contact info included and ways how you can get those questions answered by me or the MSCA’s prez Kevin L. Williams.

Run time: 10min

If you’d like to check out the promo spot for the Drawing Funny” podcast you can click the player below to listen to it…

Theme: “Silly Bank Heist” by Steve Oxen. ©2020 Fesliyan Studios Inc. – music used by permission.

Run time: 1min 15sec


If you’d like to contact me or the MSCA please click here or on the “Contact Us” page.


Thanks for listening. I hope to talk toons with you all again soon. Until then, “stay tooned” and keep drawing funny.