Episode 16 – “Athena Voltaire” Steve Bryant

Show Notes: I talk toons, kickstarting art projects, conventions, (not) traveling, going back to school, and local weather conditions with the “Athena Voltaire” creator – Steve Bryant. We discuss his early work at gaming companies and with Action Lab Comics, and his current Kickstarter for his graphic novel- “Athena Voltaire and the Terror on the Orient Express“.

There were some technical difficulties getting this episode together, and there’s slight occasional buzzing here and there- but lots of great info and advice from Steve on self-publishing comics and running successful Kickstarter campaigns. Thanks for listening- hope you enjoy!

From Steve’s Kickstarter campaign page:

An all-new 120 page graphic novel starring globetrotting aviatrix Athena Voltaire!

Athena Voltaire and the Terror on the Orient Express finds the heroine reconnecting with an old friend during a personal trip on the famed train line. When an old foe sets a plan in motion, the voyage turns deadly, as Athena must find the source of horrific slayings that are terrorizing the passengers!

Obviously, someone has to do something…

Planned for issues 9–12 of the Action Lab Athena Voltaire ongoing series, the prologue follows Athena on a mad dash to the train station. This sequence serves as a framing sequence to tell tales of the adventuress’ past.

Like every other volume in the series, Athena Voltaire and the Terror on the Orient Express works as an excellent introduction to Athena and her world. Each volume tells a self-contained adventure. Of course, when combined with the other volumes in the series, a larger story begins to take shape.

Best of all, Athena Voltaire and the Terror on the Orient Express is already written, drawn, and lettered, and the colors will be completed by the time that funding is completed- which is February, 25 2021!

If you support a Kickstarter campaign, the last thing you want is for your books to arrive damaged! With that in mind, all of our physical packages are being shipped in Gemini Comic Mailers. These things are practically nuke-proof, insuring that your comics arrive in great condition!

Here’s the line-up for DIGITAL COMICS BUNDLES!

Lots of backer rewards and stretch goal incentives!

Steve Bryant is the Eisner, Manning, and Harvey Award-nominated creator/writer/artist of Athena Voltaire from Action Lab Entertainment, and the writer/co-creator of Ghoul Scouts, also published by Action Lab. Other comic projects include The Catch (writer/co-creator) and the webcomic Maximus Wrecks (creator/writer/artist). He has also completed projects for Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Boom! Studios, Ape Entertainment, and others, as well as extensive work in the roleplaying and boardgame industry. When he’s not making comics, Bryant teaches Digital Painting at Illinois State University and lives in the suburban wilds of Central Illinois with his family and companion animals.

Steve Bryant Comics (website) – www.stevebryantcomics.com/
Athena Voltaire and the Terror on the Orient Express (Kickstarter campain)www.kickstarter.com/
Action Lab Comics (shop)www.actionlabcomics.com/shop-comics/
Steve Bryant on Facebookwww.facebook.com/steve.bryant.315
Steve Bryant on Twitter@SteveBryantArt
Steve Bryant on Instagram@stevebryantart

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The group at the CGS Ep.300 Celebration in Reading, PA (2007).

Steve Bryant, Mike Norton, and me (Lin) at Golden Eagle Comics in Reading, PA for the CGS Ep.300 Celebration.

I was wrong- it was “Jim’s Steaks” that the group of us hit in Philly before the CGS Super-Show in 2008. “Steve’s” may have been the place the guy on the plane told me about…

But I do remember that they were some tasty steaks! (June Bob Kim– front/far left)

I’m pretty sure that it was “Pat’s Steaks” that had the melty Cheez Whiz.

The sandwiches at “Geno’s Steaks” were really good, too- and right across the street from Pat’s so it’s pretty easy to compare if you’d like to.

I’ll be honest- I didn’t meet or eat a cheese-steak sandwich in Philly I didn’t like!

Oh, man- this place…what a spread. And they had chocolate milk on tap..!

3rd & Spruce was definitely the CGSSS after-hours hangout spot.

Steve Bryant at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con.

Me and John Mayo (Comic Book Page Podcast) at SDCC 2007.

Me with artist Tim Bradstreet at SDCC 2008.

Dave Stevens (‘The Rocketeer” creator) and me at SDCC 2005.

Thank goodness for signage!


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