Show notes: This episode features interviews from the South East Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society’s annual meeting in Atlanta, GA at the Center For Puppetry Arts, and mine and my wife Nicki’s thoughts on our road trip there and back.

We were invited down by SEC NCS president Greg Cravens and joined by Mid-South Cartoonists Association president Kevin L. Williams and fellow MSCA member Naim Hakeem for the event- Memphis represent!

Great puppetry displays including various Henson Muppets and international puppets- I highly recommend the puppet pilgrimage!

Thanks to the SEC NCS for the event, the Center For Puppetry Arts for hosting, and to Greg, “Snuffy Smith” cartoonist John Rose, and artist Trevor Hawkins for talking toons with me. Big thanks to Kevin for bringing along Muley and Fozzie!

Special thanks to Nicki for going on this art adventure with me, and thanks to you for listening- “stay tooned!


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