Episode 21 – “Con Survival Guide”

Show Notes: Since many folks are heading to cons again or are gearing up to, I thought I’d share some thoughts on setting up at and/or attending conventions. I’ve been doing it off and on since the early ’90s as an attendee, artist guest, volunteer, con staff, organizer- at one time doing a con a month or every other month..! I’ve stopped setting up as an artist/guest or putting on shows, but still love attending cons. There’s lots more I could have put into this episode, but figured this one was long enough at 45min. Plus, I remembered a few extras after I had edited it..D’oh! So, maybe I’ll do a follow up episode after attending a few post-pandemic events. If you’d like more info on conventions and portfolio reviews, or see some of the cons and events I’ve attended be sure to check out my LinWorkman.com art blog and HaveGeekWillTravel.com travel blog (lots of posts in the archives). I recorded an interview with Marvin Wynn, writer of The Edge” comic, and we discussed cons in that episode. I’m working on editing and uploading it. If you’ve got advice or tips on surviving a con shoot me an email- podcast (at) drawingfunny (dot) com. Looking at bringing some show/event organizers on the show to see what info/advice they can share on the subject. Until then, stay tooned!

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