Episode 19 – “Southern Exposure”

Show Notes: On this episode I (Lin Workman) talk about exposure- the good, the bad, and the ugly I’ve experienced as an artist and comics creator. I also discuss some of the promotions I’ve done in the past, and try to share what to do (or not do) when promoting yourself and/or project. Don’t die from exposure or get arrested for exposing yourself to others- learn from my mistakes and learn how to judge what’s good or bad exposure for you.

I hope you’re staying safe, staying warm, and staying tooned..!

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Why I Charge What I Charge   

Southern Exposure- What’s Good Exposure And What’s Not

“Expose THIS!” My True Feelings On Working For Free

“Bidding In Memphis” (Orphem Theatre Annual Auction)

“My Phantom of the Opera chair goes for “chair-ity”- The Orpheum’s Annual Auction”

Lin by Lin- My “Hamilton” Painting For The Orpheum’s 38th Annual Auction

“The Art Show Is Afoot!”

“Elementary:The many friends and family of Lin Workman”

“My “Frankie Goes To Hollywood” Art Show Reception At Theatre Memphis Was A Monster Of A Good Time!”




Theme: Silly Bank Heist” by Steve Oxen. Additional news music by David Fesliyan.

©2020 Fesliyan Studios Inc. – music and sound effects used by permission.

Run time: 45min 4sec

Commercial Appeal newspaper “Go Memphis” section.

Orpheum Theatre’s Annual Auction (and painted canvas chairs).

Memphis Flyer newspaper “Young Frankenstein” ad.

Art for “Young Frankenstein” at Theatre Memphis.

Hi, I’m Lin Workman