Show notes: Well, I’m back to basics with this episode of Drawing Funny. This is a bit of a follow up for Episode 40 – “Where Do I Begin?”.

After a couple conversations with some new comic creators, I wanted to share some more thoughts on creating comics with you.

Trust me, they’re very basic, but knowing the basics of creating comic books is something I feel can be often overlooked by those new to writing, drawing, printing, and promoting comics (and themselves).

I also have some local MSCA news about upcoming dinner meetings (next one is Tuesday, December 6th), current art shows, and plays around town, as well as some very sad Bat-news about the passing of Kevin Conroy– the iconic voice of Batman for 30yrs.

Plus I send out some congrats to Joe Stuber on his Comic Book Central podcast’s 9th Anniversary!

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe, stay tooned, and keep drawing funny!



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Episode 40 – “Where Do I Begin?”















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