Show notes: So, just what is the MSCA..?

The Mid-South Cartoonists Association (MSCA) is a non-profit organization comprised of professional cartoonists, aspiring cartoonists, and cartooning enthusiasts.

In 2022 the MSCA has celebrated 35 years of drawing funny in the Mid-South!

It all started back in the spring of 1987, when a small group of professional cartoonists came together to form The Memphis Cartoonists Group. The name didn’t stick. By December of that year, for the third meeting and first official newsletter, the name had become The Mid-South Cartoonist Association (with the word ‘Cartoonist’ becoming plural in 2000).

Many of the founding members were working from home, so the MSCA was created to bring together cartooning professionals, and invite aspiring professionals and cartooning fans of all backgrounds, ages and skill levels to join in on the fun of cartooning.

Our founders and many former members went on to start clubs in other states and continue careers in teaching, graphic design, syndication and publishing.

Our members have worked for newspapers, magazines, ad agencies, and comic book publishers such as Marvel, DC Comics, Image, and Dark Horse, as well as self-publishing their own creator-owned projects. Many members have also gone on to win several big shot awards!

Since its ’80s origins, the group has promoted the art of cartooning by putting its creative strengths and time behind various cartooning classes, conventions, charity fundraisers, art shows, anthology comics and zines, drawing nights (and drawing mornings), art trips, web comics, a podcast, as well as having appeared on TV, radio, other podcasts, and in various print media- both local and national.

Our aim is to provide a social group to help more cartoonists, writers, and animators to reach their goals- no matter how young or old, published or just starting out.

Whether you enjoy simply reading cartoons, stain your fingers every day drawing magazine cartoons or comic books, like to mentor others or want to learn, or even if you just need to find an artist or writer to collaborate with for your funny ideas, please come check us out.

If you love cartoons, are drawn to comics, or just like drawing funny then the MSCA is the group/association for you…and it’s free to join us. Either join our mailing list, interact with us on social media or message us on Facebook, or stop by an MSCA event and say hi. It’s pretty simple and doesn’t have to cost you anything.

If you’d like to join us in person, we meet on the first Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm at Garibaldi’s Pizza near the U of M.

MSCA monthly meet-ups are free and open to the public– just bring a few bucks if you’d like to order off the menu (great pizza, pasta, salads, and sandwiches). And please be sure to introduce yourself. We’re the group in the large room on the right.

If you have any kids that are interested in getting into cartooning please bring them out. If you are a kid, please have a parent attend with you. If you’re not sure about meeting a group of sketchy strangers all by yourself, then feel free to bring along a friend with you.

We always love to have folks bring along whatever art and projects they’ve been working on to show the group. We encourage others to come talk toons, draw on jam pieces, or doodle on napkins with us!

We also usually have some freebie stuff to share with anyone who attends, and encourage attendees to bring along a business card, samples or any other promos to share with members. We have been known to do art swaps and find good homes for some great art books and comics.

Can’t make it out to the dinner gatherings but are interested in some MSCA swag– stop by any of the Memphis area comic shops- Comics & Collectibles, The Cellar, and 901 Comics (both Cooper-Young and Cordova locations) and snag some postcards, stickers, magnets, buttons, and blank sketchcards…while they last!

You can also find and purchase many of our member’s work at those comic shops!

And there are many other benefits of being part of the group other than just the freebie items.

There are chances to be a part of group art shows and anthologies, mentoring others, getting to see what other creators are up to, being featured on our website and social media- plus keeping up with news on new projects, collaborations opportunities, and upcoming art events.

The best ways to keep up with all our future plans are to join the MSCA mailing list, watch our website – www(dot)midsouthcartoonists(dot)org, give our Drawing Funny Podcast a listen on most podcast platforms such as Apple, Spotify, or Anchor, or directly at www(dot)drawingfunny(dot)com, and/or follow our social media posts on Facebook. Any info on changes in meet-ups and other group related event news will be shared through them.

If you’d like more info on becoming a member, attending events, being a guest on our podcast, or joining our mailing list please shoot us an email. Our contact info is listed below…

Mid-South Cartoonists Association/MSCA (Memphis, TN) – www(dot)midsouthcartoonists(dot)org

MSCA general info and mailing list e-mail: midsouthcartoonists(at)gmail(dot)com

MSCA zine editor(s) email: mscapub(at)gmail(dot)com

MSCA podcast host email: podcast(at)drawingfunny(dot)com

Facebook account: www(dot)facebook(dot)com/midsouthcartoonists/

Twitter account: (at)MSCA_Memphis

Instagram account: (at)midsouthcartoonists

Podcast website: www(dot)drawingfunny(dot)com

Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 770397
Memphis, TN 38177

Additional Links:

My art websitewww(dot)linworkman(dot)com

Garibaldi’s Pizzawww(dot)garibaldispizza(d0t)com

Comics & Collectibles – www(dot)memphiscomics(dot)com(slash)wps

901 Comics & Games – www(dot)901(dash)comics(dot)business(d0t)site

The Cellar Table Top Games & Comics – www(dot)comiccellaronline(dot)com















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