Episode 40 – “Where Do I Begin?”

Show notes: I’m solo again for this 40th episode. Lately I’ve seen a lot of comics creators online ask, “Where do I begin?” Well, “Just start making comics.” seems like the most honest answer, but I know that there’s a lot more to that question. I don’t have all the answers, but I do share my my comics origin story and thoughts on creating comics.

I offer up some advice, resources, cautionary tales, and more about making comics and getting them out there to readers. Lots of ways to make comics these days, and lots of ways to read comics, too. I’ve seen the pros and cons of doing cons. I don’t offer any real advice on breaking into comics, because like writer/editor/publisher Mark Waid has said, “Breaking into comics is like breaking out of jail: once you find a way, that way is closed forever.” It’s different for everyone. I do however encourage making comics- and hope the info shared in this episode will help you not only avoid the pitfalls I did creating my own comics, but also enjoy similar positive experiences like I did. Looking back they far outweighed the negative.

If you have any questions I didn’t cover feel free to stop by one of the MSCA monthly dinner meetings at the U of M Garibaldi’s Pizza (1st Tuesday of the month, 7pm), or drop me a line. If you’d like to share your experiences creating comics I’d love to have you on the show.

Stay well, stay tooned, and keep drawing funny, good buddy!




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Partying with my wife Nicki at an afterhours con dance party.

Getting engaged to Nicki at the Phoenix Comic Con.

With my “Bushi Tales” partners Micah Stewart and Dave Beaty at the San Diego Comic Con.

After the MidSouthCon masquerade with Tim Brown, Michael Sheard (Admiral Azzel), and Dave Beaty.

On a panel with writers John Jackson Miller, Len Wein, and Mike Curtis at MidSouthCon.

The first comic I ever bought- Amazing Spiderman #171 written by Len Wein and penciled by Ross Andru.

Con sketch by Len Wein.

Bowling with Kevin L. Williams, Eddy Zeno, and Len Wein at Billy Hardwick’s All Star Lanes in Memphis, TN.

At the Phoenix Comic Con guest dinner with Noel Neill, Larry Ward, Len Wein, Bret Blevins, Pat Blevins, Micah Stewart, Dave Beaty, me, Martheus Antone Wade, and Janet Wade.

With Daniel Davis and getting served cake by Erin Grey at Gil Gerard‘s birthday party at the Phoenix Comic Con.

On a panel in Metropolis, IL with Murphy Anderson, Dave Beaty, and Martheus Antone Wade.

With Murphy Anderson at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL.

With George Pérez at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL.

Drawing a sketchcover in Artists Alley at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL.

Finding my comics out in the wild at The Deep comic shop in Huntsville, AL.

Laura Vandervoort from “SMALLVILLE” with my comics in Metropolis at the Superman Celebration.

At the Superman Celebration with Justin Hartley, Gail Simone, Phil Morris, John Ostrander, and Mary Mitchell in Metropolis, IL.

With John Ostrander at the MidSouthCon.

Me, Nicki , Tim & Traci Brown, Scott/Rocketspouse, Gail Simone, and Carlin Stuart doing a ghost tour in downtown Memphis after MidSouthCon.

With buddy Mike Norton at SDCC.

With the CGS podcast geeks at Ep. 300 in Reading, PA.

Stan “The Man” Lee at the Phoenix Comic Con signing my first art book- “How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way“.


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