Lin Was Penciled In For A Podcast Interview

Hey, gang-

Okay, I’ve been away from the Drawing Funny mic for a while because I’ve had a lot on my drawing board lately, but I was able to be a guest on a podcast.


It was recorded a few weeks back, but this week Episode 33 of the Penciled In Podcast with me dropped. I was on the art themed podcast with hosts and sketchcard artists Lindsey Greyling and Ingrid Hardy.

You can watch the episode on YouTube here, or listen on Spotify here.

We not only talked about drawing sketchcards, but also my beginnings in art, being a member of the MSCA and the DeSoto Arts Council, art techniques, donating art to charities, freelancing/unemployment, and some of the times I’ve actually taught art classes like at the DAC and the Little House Art Project.

Oh, my art has been featured on the promo cards for the upcoming Nosferatu Series Two trading card set being published by Attic Cards, RJF, Leg Day Cards (Lindsey’s cards) and RRParksCARDS (4 publishers teaming up to produce a single card series). I’ll have more sketchcards as part of that set.

Plus if anyone would like one I’ll have a few of the Nosferatu promo cards with me at the next MSCA dinner meet-up at Garibaldi’s Pizza on Tuesday, September 6th. I’ll also have some MSCA sketchcard blanks and other swag with me, too- just ask if you make it out to join us.


BTW- in case you missed it back in June…


You can see and/or hear more of mine and Nicki’s adventures in Metropolis on the Supergirl Radio podcast. It’s available on YouTube, on their website, or most anywhere you like to download and listen to podcasts.

You can watch the 2022 Superman Celebration episode on YouTube at:
And watch and/or listen on their website at:
Last year’s 2021 Superman Celebration episode (Nicki and I are interviewed in Metroolis):
Supergirl Radio RAINN Fundraiser Marathon Episode (Nicki and I do a Superpets segment):
I’ve got a couple more sketchcard sets to wrap up before I get back to more recording.
Until then, stay tooned!
Hi, I’m Lin Workman