Episode 44 – “Die Bold Comics”

Show notes: In the first half of this episode I share some podcasting news. My wife Nicki and I were recently on the Supergirl Radio podcast to talk about our day trip up to the Metropolis Superman Celebration, plus I talk about Michael Rosenbaum’s upcoming new Talk Ville podcast with SMALLVILLE co-star Tom Welling. Both were in Metropolis for the Superman Celebration this year along with Superman voice actor George Newbern, and artists Rick Burchett, Matthew Clark, and Guy Gilchrist.

In the second half of the show I talk with indie comics writer (and former Memphian) John Holland about his three latest Die Bold Comics projects – A Girl and Her Dog (July), 2 Tons Of Fury (December), and his upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the Alma: Champion comic (soon).

Thanks to John for taking time out to come on the show (twice). Look forward to seeing him back in the M-town this September at the Memphis Comic ExpoDonnieCon ROCKS!

Stay well, stay tooned, and keep drawing funny!



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Run time: 58min

A story of the love of a dog and how it transcends all boundaries, even death.

Written by John Holland with art by Hernan Gonzalez. Black and white comic with color covers. Out in stores and online July, 2022.

What happens when the new champion isn’t some 18 year old kid but a 72 year old grandmother.  Can she save the universe with her arthritis?

Written by John Holland with art by Hernan Gonzalez. Black and white comic with color covers.

A battle of the bulge- Fatman VS Fat Fury!

Story by John Holland, art by Larry Guidry, colors by Damián Felitte. Available through Antarctic Press in  December.

“Two Tons Of Fury” artist Larry Guidry at the 2017 Memphis Comic Expo/DonniCon as the John Astin version of the Riddler.

Holy-Photobomb! That nefarious Riddler is at it again..!


You can watch the 2022 Superman Celebration episode on YouTube at:
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Supergirl Radio RAINN Fundraiser Marathon Episode:


Supergirl Radio Meet-Up on Market Street.

Hanging with fellow MSCA’ers the Easterling Family on Market Street in Metropolis.

Project Hope Humane Society- Hwy 45, Metropolis.

Happy Got’cha Day to our boy from Metropolis, Lex.

Massac Theatre, Metropolis.

Super guests: Tom Welling, Josh Boltinghouse, George Newbern, and Michael Rosenbaum – Superman Square, Metropolis.

Talk Ville podcast/Michael Rosenbaum & Tom Welling www.talkvillepodcast.com

Optimus Prime – “Optimus Is Here” Superman Square, Metropolis.

Lunch (and Kryptonite) at Fat Edd’s Roadhouse, Metropolis.

Was sorry to hear of the recent passing of super-talented artist Tim Sale. His Superman For All Seasons book with Jeph Loeb is one of my all time favorite Superman stories. He was 66 years old.

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