Show notes: In this episode I share some local upcoming event news, plus I sit down to talk toons and discuss some Sour Grapes with cartoonist Tim Jones.

Tim is the creator, artist and writer of the widely popular, self-syndicated comic strip, “SOUR GRAPES”. He created SOUR GRAPES back in 2013. It’s a weekly strip about “Aesop”, a miserable-flying dog; his pet cloud, ‘Ominous’ and odd family- all living in a problematic and troubled world.

In 2014, the strip found its way into print starting in two newspapers in Rhode Island, where he lives with his family.

Soon after, the comic strip continued its success and started to appear in more and more newspapers. Today, SOUR GRAPES continues to grow in popularity and can now be seen in multiple newspapers across the country.

Tim has been a cartoonist and freelance illustrator for over 25 years and he is a member of the National Cartoonist Society and Mid-South Cartoonists Association. He also teaches cartooning and speaks at local schools and libraries.

Tim has created several compilation SOUR GRAPES  books and story-coloring books. He appears at various events, Comic-Cons and book signings.

His next upcoming events are in July at Plastic City Comic Con in Fitchburg, MA and Terrificon at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. I’m looking forward to getting back out to conventions again this summer/fall.

Thanks to Tim for taking time out to come on the show. Hope to run into him in person at some point.

Stay well, stay tooned, and keep drawing funny!



Mid-South Cartoonists Association/MSCA (Memphis, TN)

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Tim Jones “Sour Grapes”

Tim Jones “Sour Grapes”

Tim Jones “Sour Grapes”

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