Show notes: Well, after an unexpected forced hiatus by a laptop hard-drive crash and finally clearing several sketchcard gigs off my drawing board…I’m back with more Drawing Funny!

This is mostly another local happenings episode featuring news on the Mid-South Cartoonists Association’s 35th anniversary display at the Hernando Library, MSCA dinner meet-ups at Garibaldi’s Pizza, the return of the Memphis Comic Expo, MidtownCon, and Monster Market, as well as the DeSoto Arts Council‘s upcoming “Yart Sale“, Joe Staton comic signing appearances at 901 Comics– and what’s been going on with me and my art.

I’ve completed more sketchcards for RRPARKS Cards (MANOS, Nosferatu, Ultraman), did some giveaways for YouTube’s Gabe’s Gave, and am wrapping up more RRParks’ Trick ‘r Treat sketchcards (the Halloween Kickstarter is live through Oct.2).

I also was on Epidsode 33 of The Penciled In Podcast with Lindsey Greyling and Ingrid Hardy discussing sketchcards and teaching art, and was interviewed by Voyage Memphis Magazine online.

Stay well, stay tooned, and keep drawing funny!



Mid-South Cartoonists Association/MSCA (Memphis, TN)

My art

Memphis Comic Expo/”DonnieCon”




DeSoto Arts Council

Hernando Public

The Penciled In Podcast (audio)

The Penciled In Podcast (video)

Gabe’s Cave’sCave


Voyage Memphis


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