Episode 62 – Memphis Libraries’ Comic Con

Show Notes: In this episode we check out the Memphis Libraries Comic Con…again! This is the second annual comic con at the Benjamin L. Hooks Library on Poplar Avenue in Memphis, TN. I was set up at the event and talked with artists, Kevin L. Williams (MSCA president), Dale Martin (MSCA), Jason Negen (MSCA), Lee Raggs (MSCA), Antonio Johnson (MSCA), Greg Cravens (MSCA/NCS), John Read (NCS), and had a family reunion and talked about “Nerdy Poop” with my sister LaDonna Pierce and her kids Lindsay Bonner and Connor Milo. My wife Nicki Workman hosted the Q&A panel with comics guests of honor Matt Wagner and Gene Ha. Lots of info on other upcoming events in the mid-south, too!


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