Show notes: Mid-South Cartoonists Association President Kevin L. Williams joins us again to give the 411 on the 901 for this 57th “Drawing Funny” episode. He shares what plans are in the works for this month and on into the new year- such as the 901 C0mics East Drink-N-Draw night and Sat-Art-Day, MSCA monthly dinner meet-up at Garibaldi’s Pizza, upcoming art shows and cons around town, and the South East Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society’s annual meeting in Atlanta at the Center For Puppetry Arts next month.

We both also discuss the crazy stories of the recent break-ins at 901 Comics and 901 Toys, the GoFundMe Crime Relief Fund for them, and co-owner Shannon Merritt’s on-air conversation with fellow comic book store owner Kevin Smith..! 901 Comics East is my day job so these burglaries hit WAY too close to home here in the M-town. Don’t worry- Shannon is on the case…with or without a cape and mask!

Stay safe, and STAY TOONED!


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Come have a beer with Shannon at 901 Comics East’s “Bar With No Name” – 8551 Macon Rd.

901 Comics (Midtown) – 2162 Young Ave.

Our next MSCA events.

My sketchcovers at 901 Comics East – and some blank ones that you could create your own with!

Me with Kevin Smith at SDCC 2005.

Comic Book Men” star and View Askew alum Walt Flannagan and me (with one of Walt’s comics) at Jay And Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.

My visit to Red Bank, NJ with my “Bushi Tales” co-horts Micah Stewart and Dave Beaty (with Tim from “Chasing Amy” at Jack’s Music Shoppe) , and my former day job at a convenience store back in high school.

Cool “Clerks” mural.

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