Show notes: In this solo episode I have an update and details on the current MSCA art show at the Germantown Community Theatre. It and the play “The Complete History Of America (abridged)” can be seen February 17-27, 2022. This is one of our 35th anniversary events, and we’re working on a couple more (additional announcements coming soon).

BIG NEWS– after meeting virtually on Zoom for the last two years due to the pandemic, we’re happy to announce our return to in-person meetings at Garibaldi’s Pizza…we’ll be back on the first Tuesday in March! I also share some Mid-South Cartoonists Association history in our first MSCA Fun Facts segment, and unfortunately there’s some more sad MSCA member news.

If you have any ideas for ways for us to celebrate our MSCA anniversary, or would like to be on this podcast please contact me at podcast (at) drawingfunny (dot) com. I’d love to hear from you.

Shameless plug alert: I have several of my hand drawn sketchcards and a few sketchcovers available for sale at a comic shop here in Memphis- The Cellar. There are both official artist returns cards from companies like ToppsBreygentCryptozoic, and RRParks Cards and personal sketch cards drawn on my own custom blanks- with more to come soon.

If you’re interested in buying any of them please contact the shop. I don’t do commission work so this is the only way to currently purchase/collect any of my art from me.

If you stop by The Cellar in person be sure to snag some free Drawing Funny podcast and MSCA swag. Lots of buttons, stickers and sketchcard blanks are available while they last. Will have some at the MSCA dinner meeting at Garibaldi’s in March.

Stay well, stay tooned, and hope to see you in person this March..!


Mid-South Cartoonists Association/MSCA (Memphis, TN)

My art

Germantown Community Theatre


The Cellar (Bartlett, TN) –

MAW Productions (Martheus Antone Wade)

Kevin L. Williams (Muley The Mule & Friends)















Harmonica riffs performed by Soloman DH Blues.

Theme: Silly Bank Heist”  and background music “Drum Commercial C” by Steve Oxen. “Fancy Date” by David Fesliyan.

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Run time: 22min 45sec

My “Masked Man” markers cartoon for the upcoming MSCA GCT art show.

Directions to Garibaldi’s Pizza – 3530 Walker Ave.   Memphis, Tn 38111   (901) 327-6111

Original flyer for our first meeting back in 1987!

Upcoming in-person meeting dates.

(L-R) Lin Workman, Jack Cassady, Greg Cravens, and Kevin L. WIlliams.

Our condolences to the Wade Family. (L-R Jan, Matheus, Anakin, and Janet.)

Hi, I’m Lin Workman