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Episode 1 – “Calling All Cartoonists”

Show Notes: This past week one of our more tech savvy Mid-South Cartoonists Association members, Kevin “Nugget-head” Thorn, was able to set us up the MSCA Zoom meeting you are about to listen to. He wasn’t able to stay for the whole meeting, but host Lin Workman was joined by MSCA president Kevin L. Williams, zine co-editor Jason Negen, self-publisher Antonio Johnson, cartoonist (slash) actor Jim Palmer,  comic ninja Greg Cravens, and special guest- MSCA founding member Jack Cassady.

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Theme: “Silly Bank Heist” by Steve Oxen ©2020 Fesliyan Studios Inc. – music and sound effects used by permission.

Run time: 1hr 23min 37sec

Hi, I’m Lin Workman