Episode 64 – “Metropolis \S/uper Day Trip 2024”

Show Notes: Nicki and I took a day trip up to Metropolis, IL for the final day of the annual Superman Celebration. It was about a 3 1/2hr drive to the official home of Superman. We walked the normally steamy streets of Metropolis, visited the Metropolis Chamber Of Commerce, the giant Superman statue, the Noel Neill/Lois Lane statue, Artists Alley/Writers Way, watched the costume contest under the main tent, and had burgers and Kryptonite at Fat Edd’s Roadhouse before heading back home. It started off wet, but became a gorgeous and incredibly mild after noon…68-70 degrees! We missed out on meeting the artists I drove up to see, but we did run into our friends Jim and Christina Hall, and Adam and Penny Shaw in Artists Alley. We also saw Mark Pillow/Nuclear Man and Super Museum founder Jim Hambrick as we were about to head out. We got lots of pics of the new murals around town, and look forward to doing another day trip up in the off season to see the changes made to the Super Museum.

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